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Media and Entertainment

Jameson has a passion for utilizing various outlets of creativity. This page will highlight and link you to the various avenues in which he has performed; Including:

Music: Jameson has recorded and performed music both as vocalist member of a band, as well as a solo artist.

Acting/Hosting: Jameson has acted in a number of regional T.V. Programs, indie short and feature films, and music videos. He has hosted 2 seasons of OCTV as well as numerous segments for the show. However, his proudest moment was hosting a pilot T.V. show for HGTV in 2009. The show was ultimately not picked up, but it served as inspiration to continue developing in that direction. Keep an eye out for some head shots and an Acting Reel coming soon!

Radio: Jameson is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Jameson Loves Ya’ radio program. This radio talk show will launch in early October with this simple mission statement: SAVE THE WORLD! … One person at a time of course. For more info check out

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